List of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan

Post Name : List of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan 
Post Date :  01 May , 2024
Post Description :  The Chief Ministers of Rajasthan have been really important in shaping the state’s future since it was formed in 1949. They’ve led the state through different times, helping it grow and develop. Each Chief Minister had their own ideas and way of doing things, which left a lasting impact on Rajasthan.

List of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan

Absolutely, the list of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan provides valuable insight into the state’s political history and the leaders who have played pivotal roles in its development since its inception in 1949. Each Chief Minister has left a lasting impact on Rajasthan’s politics and growth, facing various challenges and seizing opportunities to improve the state. Candidates and individuals interested in Rajasthan’s political landscape can benefit greatly from studying this list to understand the contributions and legacies of its leaders over the years.

List of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan
SL. No.List of Chief Ministers of RajasthanPeriodParty
1Heera Lal Shastri7 April 1949 to 5 January 1951Indian National Congress
2C. S. Venkatachari6 January 1951 to 25 April 1951Indian National Congress
3Jai Narayan Vyas26 April 1951 to 3 March 1952Indian National Congress
4Tika Ram Paliwal3 March 1952 to 31 October 1952Indian National Congress
5Jai Narayan Vyas1 November 1952 to 12 November 1954Indian National Congress
6Mohan Lal Sukhadia13 November 1954 to 13 March 1967Indian National Congress
26 April 1967 to 9 July 1971
7Barkatullah Khan9 July 1971 to 11 October 1973Indian National Congress
8Hari Dev Joshi11 October 1973 to 29 April 1977Indian National Congress
9Bhairon Singh Shekhawat22 June 1977 to 16 February 1980Janata Party
10Jagannath Pahadia6 June 1980 to 13 July 1981Indian National Congress
11Shiv Charan Mathur14 July 1981 to 23 February 1985Indian National Congress
12Hira Lal Devpura23 February 1985 to 10 March 1985Indian National Congress
13Hari Dev Joshi10 March 1985 to 20 January 1988Indian National Congress
14Shiv Charan Mathur20 January 1988 to 4 December 1989Indian National Congress
15Hari Dev Joshi4 December 1989 to 4 March 1990Indian National Congress
16Bhairon Singh Shekhawat4 March 1990 to 15 December 1992Bharatiya Janata Party
4 December 1993 to 29 November 1998
17Ashok Gehlot1 December 1998 to 8 December 2003Indian National Congress
18Vasundhara Raje8 December 2003 to 11 December 2008Bharatiya Janata Party
19Ashok Gehlot12 December 2008 to 13 December 2013Indian National Congress
20Vasundhara Raje13 December 2013 to 16 December 2018Bharatiya Janata Party
21Ashok Gehlot17 December 2018 – 15 December
Indian National Congress
22Bhajan Lal Sharma15 December
2023 to Incumbent
Bharatiya Janata Party

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Current Chief Ministers of Rajasthan

  • Bhajan Lal Sharma: Prominent Indian politician, serving as the 14th Chief Minister of Rajasthan since December 2023.
  • Legislative experience: Member of the 16th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, representing the Sanganer constituency, indicating prior involvement in politics and public service.
  • Responsibilities as Chief Minister: Oversees the functioning of the state government, implements policies for Rajasthan’s welfare and development, manages administrative affairs, and represents the state at various forums.
  • Priorities and challenges: Likely focused on addressing socio-economic challenges, promoting growth and development, and safeguarding the interests of Rajasthan’s populace during his tenure.

First Chief Minister of Rajasthan

  • Heera Lal Shastri: First Chief Minister of Rajasthan, assumed office on April 7, 1949.
  • Foundational leadership: Played a crucial role in establishing the state government and laying the groundwork for Rajasthan’s governance structure.
  • Policy initiatives: Implemented key rules and policies that facilitated the state’s growth and stability during its formative years.
  • Lasting impact: Despite leaving office, Shastri’s contributions are remembered and honored, reflecting his enduring dedication to Rajasthan and its people.
  • Political legacy: Revered figure in Rajasthan’s political history, renowned for his unwavering commitment to the state’s well-being and development.

Longest Running Chief Minister of Rajasthan,

  • Bhairon Singh Shekhawat: Served as Chief Minister of Rajasthan twice, from June 22, 1977, to February 16, 1980, and from February 22, 1990, to March 4, 1998.
  • Focus on development: Emphasized infrastructure development, particularly in building roads and enhancing educational facilities across Rajasthan.
  • People-centric approach: Implemented plans and programs aimed at improving the lives of all citizens, especially the underprivileged.
  • Legacy of progress: Shekhawat’s contributions are remembered as instrumental in the state’s advancement, earning him widespread respect as one of Rajasthan’s most esteemed leaders.

Chief Ministers of Rajasthan Interesting Facts

  • Vasundhara Raje: First female Chief Minister, broke gender barriers, inspired future women leaders.
  • Bhairon Singh Shekhawat: Longest-serving Chief Minister, nearly two decades in office, left a lasting legacy.
  • Mohan Lal Sukhadia: Played a pivotal role in Rajasthan’s split in 1956, shaping the state’s modern boundaries.
  • Harideo Joshi: Represented the regional Janata Party, highlighting Rajasthan’s diverse political landscape.
  • Ashok Gehlot: Served multiple terms as Chief Minister, showcasing resilience and popularity among voters.
  • BJP and INC dominance: Both parties have produced influential Chief Ministers, contributing significantly to Rajasthan’s development.

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