List of Chief Ministers of Haryana

Post Name : List of Chief Ministers of Haryana 1966 to 2024
Post Date :  30 April, 2024
Post Description : General Awareness holds significant importance among the important sections in Government Exams. In this regard, candidates should familiarize themselves with General Knowledge and look into the depths of static GK. In this article, we have provided a comprehensive list of the Chief Ministers of Haryana along with their respective tenures. Those preparing for SSC & Railways exams should read this article to get complete details.

List of Chief Ministers of Haryana

Explore the comprehensive table below for a detailed list of Chief Ministers of Haryana and their respective tenures.

List of Chief Ministers of Haryana
NameTerm of OfficeAssembly (Elections)
Bhagwat Dayal Sharma1st November 1966 – 23rd March 19671st (1962 elections)
Rao Birender Singh24th March 1967 – 20th November 19672nd (1967 elections)
Vacant (President’s rule)20th November 1967 – 21st May 1968Dissolved
Bansi Lal21st May 1968 – 14th March 19723rd (1968 elections)
14th March 1972 – 30th November 19754th (1972 elections)
Banarsi Das Gupta1st December 1975 – 30th April 1977
Vacant (President’s rule)30th April 1977 – 21st June 1977Dissolved
Devi Lal21st June 1977 – 28th June 19795th (1977 elections)
Bhajan Lal28th June 1979 – 23rd May 19826th (1982 elections)
23rd May 1982 – 4th June 1986
Bansi Lal5th June 1986 – 20th June 19877th (1987 elections)
Devi Lal20th June 1987 – 2nd December 1989
Om Prakash Chautala2nd December 1989 – 22nd May 1990
Banarsi Das Gupta22nd May 1990 – 12th July 1990
Om Prakash Chautala12th July 1990 – 17th July 1990
Hukam Singh17th July 1990 – 22nd March 1991
Om Prakash Chautala22nd March 1991 – 5th April 1991
Vacant (President’s rule)6th April 1991 – 23rd July 1991Dissolved
Bhajan Lal23rd June 1991 – 10th May 19968th (1991 election)
Bansi Lal11th May 1996 – 24th July 19999th (1996 elections)
Om Prakash Chautala24th July 1999 – 2nd March 200010th (2000 elections)
2nd March 2000 – 5th March 2005
Bhupinder Singh Hooda5th March 2005 – 25th October 200911th (2005 elections)
25th October 2009 – 26th October 201412th (2009 elections)
Manohar Lal Khattar26th October 2014 – 27th October 201913th (2014 elections)
27th October 2019 – 12 March 202414th (2019 elections)
Nayab Saini
12 March 2024- Incumbent15th

Current Chief Minister of Haryana

  • Nayab Singh Saini, born on January 25, 1970, is the current Chief Minister of Haryana, assuming office on March 12, 2024.
  • He is also the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Haryana, a position he has held since 2023.
  • Prior to becoming Chief Minister, Saini had a notable political career, serving as a Member of Parliament (MP), Minister of State, and member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly.
  • He took over as Chief Minister after Manohar Lal Khattar’s resignation ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Polls.

First Chief Minister of Haryana

  • Birendra Singh was the first Chief Minister of Haryana, assuming office on November 1, 1966.
  • A seasoned leader within the Indian National Congress, Singh brought extensive experience and understanding of the socio-political dynamics of the region.
  • During his tenure, Haryana witnessed its formative years as an independent state, with Singh playing a crucial role in its early development.
  • Singh focused on laying the groundwork for essential infrastructure, education, and healthcare facilities, setting the stage for future progress.
  • His commitment to fostering unity and prosperity among the people of Haryana contributed significantly to the state’s early growth.
  • Singh’s legacy as a foundational figure in Haryana’s political history is cemented by his contributions during this crucial period.

Longest Running Chief Minister of Haryana

  • Bansi Lal was a prominent political figure in Haryana’s history, serving as Chief Minister in two non-consecutive terms.
  • His first term, from May 1968 to March 1972, saw significant improvements in infrastructure and agricultural reforms.
  • During his second term, from June 1986 to June 1987, Bansi Lal demonstrated adeptness in managing political affairs, bringing stability and progress to the state.
  • Known for his no-nonsense approach, he focused strongly on rural development and agricultural policies, which played a vital role in transforming Haryana’s agrarian landscape.
  • Bansi Lal’s dedication to public welfare extended beyond politics, leaving a lasting impact on the socio-economic fabric of Haryana.
  • His contributions continue to be remembered and appreciated by the people of Haryana.

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