UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024

Post Name :  UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024
Post Date :  26 February , 2024
Post Description :  UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024 consists of various stages that the applicants must clear to ensure their selection in the CAPF. The candidates need to become familiar with the various stages of this selection process, enabling them to develop a strategic plan for CAPF exam success.

UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024

The Union Public Service Commission sets a few parameters in the form of different stages of UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process to select eligible aspirants for the highly esteemed post of Assistant Commandant. Having a proper understanding of the CAPF selection process helps aspirants with their exam strategy and prepares them mentally as well as physically to stand out among others.

As mentioned previously, the UPSC CAPF AC selection process 2024 comprises:

  • A written exam, which covers Paper 1 and Paper 2
  • Physical Efficiency Test, often known as PET
  • The final step is an Interview or Personality Test.

UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024 Overview

Let us understand the different stages involved in CAPF AC Selection Process with the help of this table :-

Stages of the UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024
1Paper 1 – Written Exam (Objective)
2Paper 2 – Written Exam (Descriptive)
3PET (Physical Efficiency Test)
4Personal Interview or Personality Test

UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024 Important Dates

The various stages or rounds of the UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024 will take place independently on distinct days. Therefore, to prevent any last-minute hassle, aspirants must keep track of the important dates related to the written exam, a physical efficiency test, and an interview.

CAPF AC Selection Process 2024 Important Dates
UPSC CAPF AC 2024 stagesDates
Written ExamAugust 4th, 2024
Physical Efficiency Test or PETYet to be announced
Medical TestYet to be announced
Interview or Personality TestYet to be announced

UPSC CAPF Selection Process 2024, Written Exam

The written examination is the foremost stage of the UPSC CAPF AC selection process 2024. It includes two papers, and aspirants must pass both as per the qualifying criteria determined by the Commission. Moreover, Paper 1 consists of objective-type questions, whereas Paper 2 is all about writing in-depth, hence descriptive in nature. Refer to the table below to check out the CAPF AC exam pattern.

Written Exam Pattern of CAPF AC Selection Process 2024
PaperTypes of questionsTotal number of questionsName of the TopicsTotal MarksExam duration
1Objective125General Ability and Intelligence2502 hours
2Descriptive6General Studies Essay Comprehension2003 hours

Furthermore, in Paper 1, for each correct answer, two marks will be awarded; nevertheless, for each wrong answer, ⅓ marks will be deducted. Those who pass the written exam will go to the next step of the UPSC CAPF AC selection process 2024.

UPSC CAPF AC Physical Efficiency Test 2024

After passing the initial step, which is the written examination, aspirants will be called out for the Physical Efficiency Test. The UPSC CAPF AC Exam is meant to not only assess an aspirant’s mental ability but also their physical strength. The physical test of the CAPF AC selection process is different for male and female aspirants, as mentioned below.

PET of UPSC CAPF AC Selection Process 2024
EventsParameter for FemaleParameter for Males
800-meter race4 minutes, 45 seconds3 minutes, 45 seconds
100-meter race18 seconds16 seconds
put (7.26 kg)Not applicable4.5 meters
Long Jump (3 chances)3 meters3.5 meters

Aspirants who pass the physical test will be subjected to a medical checkup. In order to continue with the CAPF AC selection process, the aspirant must pass both the PET and medical evaluations. Note:

  • Female aspirants who are found to be pregnant during the Physical Efficiency Test (PET) will be disqualified.
  • If aspirants wish to appeal this decision, they should contact the Appellate Authority designated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • This appeal must be made within 15 days of the announcement of the test results.

UPSC CAPF Medical Test 2024

To be eligible for the UPSC CAPF AC Recruitment Process 2024, applicants must meet stringent physical and mental fitness criteria. Let us go through the UPSC CAPF Medical Test 2024 Requirements in details below:-

CAPF AC Medical Standard 2024

Let us look at the mojor factors involved in UPSC CAPF AC Medical Test :-

Body PartCriteria
Venereal Disease
  • Candidates should have a history of venereal disease.
  • No active clinical indications of VD should be present.
  • – DNS, atrophic rhinitis, tuberculous ulceration, and chronic sinusitis are not acceptable.
Carrying Angle
  • For males, the carrying angle should not exceed 15 degrees.
  • For females, the carrying angle should not exceed 20 degrees.
  • No swollen lymph nodes, thyroid, or other swelling in the neck.
  • No difficulty in completely extending the neck.
  • No signs of spine or cervical vertebral disease.
  • No severe pyorrhea should be present.
  • A sufficient number of healthy teeth for optimal mastication is required.
  • No deafness or chronic ear discharge should be observed.
  • No additional conditions (congenital or acquired) obstructing the ear channel.
  • No history of recurrent earache, tinnitus, or vertigo.
Chronic Skin Disorders
  • The candidate must be free of chronic skin diseases such as leprosy, chronic eczema, dermatitis, widespread Pityriasis Versicolor, psoriasis, SLE, and other skin conditions

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Vision Standards: Given below are the UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Vision Standards :-

CriteriaBetter Eye (Corrected Vision)Worse Eye (Corrected Vision)
Distant Vision6/66/12
Near VisionN6 (corrected)N9 (corrected)
Refractive Errors Limits (Cylinder)-4.00 D Myopia+4.00 D Hypermetropia
  1. Age: Candidates must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  2. Pre LASIK Error: The pre-operative refractive error should not exceed 6 diopters.
  3. Axial Length: The axial length of the eye should fall within the range of 21 to 26 millimeters.
  4. Corneal Thickness: The minimum corneal thickness required is 425 microns.
  5. Post-operative Refractive Flap Stability Period: Candidates must have completed a post-operative refractive flap stability period of 6 months.

Additional Medical Information for UPSC CAPF AC:

  1. Nodal Authority: The Ministry of Home Affairs appoints a Nodal Authority to oversee the Physical Standards, Physical Efficiency Tests, and Medical Standards Tests conducted at various locations after the CAPF AC written examination 2024 results.
  2. Pregnancy: Female candidates who are found to be pregnant for 12 weeks or more during the medical examination will be declared temporarily unfit, and their appointment will be held in abeyance until the confinement is over.

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