Jadavpur University Placement 2024

Post Name :  Jadavpur University Placement 2024
Post Date :  23 February , 2024
Post DescriptionThe Jadavpur University Placement 2024 will be done by the placement cell of the university along with training and improvement programs. Interested candidates to take admission in Jadavpur University must go through the details of Jadavpur University Placement for UG and PG students.

Jadavpur University Placement Highlights

The Jadavpur University Placement Highlights for the previous years including 2023 and 2022. The candidates can go through the table given below for the information about number of offers, the number of students placed, Jadavpur University Highest Package, and the top recruiters.

Jadavpur University Placements
ParticularsPlacement Details 2023Placement Details 2022
Number of Placement Offers1200
Students Placed1000+
Highest Package85 LPA1.8 CPA
Top RecruitersDE Shaw, Citi Bank, HSBC, etcFacebook, Jio, etc

Jadavpur University Placement Statistics

The Jadavpur University Placement Statistics has been mentioned in the table given below for the previous year. The candidates can use the reference of the table to understand placement statistics.

Jadavpur University Placement Statistics
BranchesEligible StudentsStudents PlacedPlacement Percentage
Mechanical Engineering12411995.97%
Civil Engineering12311895.93%
Electrical Engineering12111191.74%
Chemical Engineering10910192.66%
Information Technology817795.06%
Computer Science Engineering797189.87%
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering777192.21%
Pharmaceutical Technology691927.54%
Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering555395.36%
Power Engineering363494.44%
Metallurgical Engineering353394.29%
Construction Engineering302996.67%
Food Technology & Biochemical Engineering242083.33%
Printing Engineering171376.46%

Jadavpur University Highest Package 

Jadavpur University witnessed a robust placement season in 2023, with an impressive placement rate of 94% for candidates in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department. The highlight of the placement drive was the attainment of the highest package, which stood at INR 85 LPA (Indian Rupees Eighty-Five Lakhs per Annum).

During the recruitment process, a substantial number of students secured placements, with over 1,000 students being successfully recruited. The total number of job offers extended to students amounted to 1,200, reflecting the strong demand for talent from Jadavpur University.

Among the offers made, there was significant diversity in the salary packages offered. Notably, around 35 students received offers ranging between INR 40 LPA and INR 80 LPA, showcasing the competitive nature of the placements. Additionally, a considerable number of students, exceeding 100, secured offers in the range of INR 35 LPA to INR 45 LPA, indicating a broad spectrum of opportunities available to the students.

Overall, the placement statistics underscore the excellence of Jadavpur University’s CSE department and its ability to prepare students for lucrative career opportunities in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Jadavpur University Average Package

The branch-wise Jadavpur University Average Package has been mentioned in the table given below. The branches offered by JU Kolkata are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and many more which have been mentioned below.

Jadavpur University Average Package 
BranchAverage Package
Mechanical Engineering7.66 LPA
Civil Engineering6.90 LPA
Electrical Engineering12.21 LPA
Chemical Engineering7.87 LPA
Information Technology20.77 LPA
Computer Science Engineering21.60 LPA
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering19 LPA
Pharmaceutical Technology4.03 LPA
Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering15.60 LPA
Power Engineering8.16 LPA
Metallurgical6.21 LPA
Construction Engineering5.88 LPA
Food Technology & Biochemical Engineering4.50 LPA

Jadavpur University Placement Percentage

The Jadavpur University Placement Percentage has been mentioned in the table given below for the previous years. This will help the candidates to understand the placement improvement done by the placement cell.

Jadavpur University Placement Percentage
YearPlacement Percentage

Jadavpur University Top Recruiters

The Jadavpur University Top Recruiters who visit the JU Kolkata every year to recruit thousands of students have been listed below. The top recruiters for Jadavpur University Placement were Microsoft, Airtel, Bennett Coleman, Adobe, etc.

Jadavpur University Top Recruiters
AmazonBennet Coleman
De ShawGE Digital

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