IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024

Post Name : IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024
Post Date :  27 March, 2024
Post Description :  Admission to IIT Kharagpur’s MTech program is offered through GATE Score, followed by the COAP counselling process.  for February 3, 4, 10, and 11, 2024. The IISc Bangalore conducted the GATE 2024 Exam on February 3, 4, 10 & 11, 2024 and the results for which has been declared on March 16, 2024.

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024 Overview

  • IIT Kharagpur ranks 6th among India’s premier engineering institutions in the NIRF 2023 rankings.
  • Globally, it is ranked 271st in the QS World University Ranking 2024.
  • Established in 1951, IIT Kharagpur boasts a sprawling 2100-acre campus located 120 km west of Kolkata.
  • The campus accommodates approximately 22,000 residents within its 8.5 sq.km expanse.
  • Known for its rigorous 2-year BTech program, IIT Kharagpur admits students based on their JEE Advanced scores followed by JoSAA counseling.
  • The institute offers this program across 15 diverse streams with an intake capacity of 818 students.
  • Competitive cutoffs for securing admission typically range between 200-500.
  • In the 2023 placement season, the highest package offered was INR 2.6 crore per annum (CPA), while the initial fee for prospective students is 2.24 Lakhs.
  • IIT Kharagpur engages in student exchange initiatives with over ten leading international universities.
  • Recent Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) have been established with institutions like the University of Edinburgh, UK, focusing on academic and research collaboration.
  • Industry-academic partnerships, such as the one with HCLTech in Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences, have flourished.
  • The commencement of Phase 1 Placements in 2024 saw a remarkable start with 700 offers on the initial placement day, including international placements and six offers exceeding 1 crore.
  • Leading industry giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and McKinsey participated actively in the recruitment drive across various sectors, reaffirming their trust in the institution.

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024 Dates

The official website of the institute will provide the key dates for the IIT Kharagpur M.Tech admission for 2024. This schedule will outline all significant events associated with the admission procedure. Interested candidates should refer to the specified table on our website to stay informed about the crucial dates for IIT Kharagpur’s M.Tech admission in 2024.

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024 Dates
GATE 2024 Exam DateFebruary 3,4,10, & 11, 2024
GATE Result 2024March 16, 2024
GATE 2024 ScorecardMarch 23, 2024
Commencement of COAP 2024March 2024

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Eligibility Criteria 2024

For admission into the M.Tech program at IIT Kharagpur in 2024, candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Educational Qualification:

    • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/M.Sc or equivalent professional qualifications such as AMIE.
    • Minimum aggregate score required is 60% for general category candidates.
    • SC/ST/PwD category candidates require a minimum aggregate of 55%.
  • Final Year Students:

    • Candidates in their final year awaiting results are eligible to apply for the program.
  • GATE Score:

    • A valid GATE score is mandatory for all candidates applying for the M.Tech program

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024 – Selection Procedure

The selection process for the M.Tech program at IIT Kharagpur involves the following steps:

1) GATE Score Evaluation:
  • For most specializations, candidates are primarily selected based on their GATE scores.
  • The weightage of GATE scores stands at 70% in the overall selection criteria.
2) Personal Interview:
  • Some specialized M.Tech programs may incorporate a personal interview as part of the selection process.
  • This interview is conducted at IIT Kharagpur and holds a weightage of 30% in the overall selection criteria for those specific specializations.
3) Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP):
  • Candidates who qualify through the GATE exam and secure admission offer will need to register on the COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal) for further procedures and acceptance of their offers.

For specific categories of applicants:

  • Direct Admission without GATE: Candidates possessing a BTech degree from any IIT with a minimum CGPA of 8.0 are exempted from the GATE requirement.
  • Sponsored Candidates: Individuals currently employed and possessing a minimum of two years of work experience can apply under the sponsored category. However, they must provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their respective organizations.

While GATE scores play a pivotal role in the selection of most candidates, the institute also offers pathways for direct admissions based on academic achievements from IITs and for professionals with substantial work experience.

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Application Form 2024

Prospective candidates aiming for the M.Tech program at IIT Kharagpur in 2024 must navigate through a structured application process. Here’s a breakdown:

1) GATE Application:
  • Initially, candidates are required to apply for the GATE examination by visiting the official GATE website.
  • They must complete the application form by providing all the necessary details as requested.
  • Alongside the form, applicants need to upload scanned versions of essential documents and remit the prescribed application fee.
  • Once the GATE application is processed, candidates must keep a printout of the confirmation page for future reference.
2) IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Registration:
  • Post qualifying in the GATE examination, candidates should proceed to the official IIT Kharagpur website.
  • Here, they need to register using pertinent details like a valid email address, phone number, GATE registration number, and GATE score.
  • Upon successful registration, candidates gain access to the application form, which they must fill out with precision.
3) Uploading Documents & Fee Payment:
  • The application form requires candidates to upload a set of mandatory documents, including marksheets of Class X, XII, and Graduation.
  • A caste certificate (if applicable), evidence of having studied mathematics in 10+2, a scanned photograph, and a scanned signature are also essential.
  • After uploading, candidates are mandated to pay the application fee through the online portal provided by the institute.
4) Form Submission & Confirmation:
  • Once all details are accurately filled in and documents are uploaded, candidates can submit the application form.
  • It’s crucial to ensure all provided details are correct, as any discrepancies might lead to application rejection or other complications.
  • After submission, candidates should take a printout of the completed application form for their records and future reference.

The application process for the IIT Kharagpur M.Tech program in 2024 is a meticulous procedure that mandates candidates to first qualify the GATE exam followed by a thorough application on the institute’s portal, ensuring all required documents are in order.

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Cut Off 2024

The GATE 2024 cutoff serves as the essential threshold for eligibility to participate in the COAP 2023 counseling. It’s pivotal to distinguish between the institute’s admission cutoff and the requisite minimum score for involvement in the counseling process. Below are the specified minimum marks candidates need to attain in the GATE exam to qualify and subsequently engage in the associated counseling. For admission to the M.Tech program at IIT Kharagpur, the institute considers candidates’ GATE scores. To provide clarity on previous years’ standards, applicants can refer to the table showcasing the M.Tech cutoff scores for IIT Kharagpur.

IIT KHARAGPUR M.Tech Cut-off 2024
Courses2023 Cut Off By Marks
M.Tech Microelectronics and VLSI Design733
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering694
M.Tech Computer Science and Data Processing692
M.Tech Industrial Engineering & Management683
M.Tech Embedded Controls and Software668

IIT KHARAGPUR M.Tech Admission – GATE COAP Registration Process

Upon successfully passing the GATE examination, candidates are required to enroll in the COAP counseling system to secure a spot in esteemed institutions like IITs, NITs, and other affiliated colleges. COAP serves as a unified platform, enabling candidates to prioritize their choices for admission into an MTech Program across participating institutions. Criteria for COAP 2024 Registration:

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • A valid GATE score from the years 2021, 2022, 2023, or 2024 is mandatory.

Guide to Register for GATE 2024 COAP:

  1. Navigate to the COAP’s official portal at coap.iitd.ac. and select the registration link.
  2. Input essential details including GATE Registration Number, GATE Paper Code, GATE score, and date of birth.
  3. Validate by entering the provided email address and mobile number.
  4. Hit the “Submit to Register” tab.
  5. Post-registration, a unique Login ID and Password for COAP will be dispatched to candidates via email and SMS.
  6. For successful COAP registration, candidates must log in using the provided credentials and verify their details.
  7. Once these steps are finalized, candidates can view offers from participating institutions.
  8. Ultimately, admission offers will be posted on the COAP website, tagged with the COAP registration number, which aligns with the GATE registration number (excluding the subject code).

Documents to Submit during COAP Registration:

  • Full name of the candidate
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • GATE score
  • GATE registration number
  • GATE paper code
  • Date of Birth
  • GATE scorecard
  • Preference list of IITs and IISc for application
  • A functional email address
  • An operational mobile number

IIT Kharagpur MTech Admission 2024 Course Details

IIT Kharagpur provides a 2-year MTech program across 64 distinct specializations. Here are some prominent specializations among them:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Food Process Engineering
  • Land and Water Resources Engineering
  • Aquacultural Engineering
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
  • Embedded Controls and Software
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering
  • Power and Energy Systems
  • Structural Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Railway Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Microelectronics and VLSI Design

IIT Kharagpur MTech Syllabus 2024

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the MTech syllabus for IIT Kharagpur across its top specializations:

1) Civil Engineering:


  • Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering and Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Railway Engineering

Subjects (Selected Topics):

  • Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering: Covers aspects like Free Surface Flow, Advanced Hydraulic structures, Geohydraulics, River Engineering, and more.
  • Transportation Engineering: Includes subjects such as Pavement Materials, Transportation System Planning, Traffic Engineering, and Design of Airports.
  • Environmental Engineering and Management: Topics encompass Water Supply Systems, Wastewater Management, Air Quality Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, and more.
  • Geotechnical Engineering: Focuses on Soil Exploration, Foundation Engineering, Rock mechanics, Ground Improvement, and Offshore Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering: Delves into Advanced Structural Analysis, Elasticity, Plasticity, Composite Structures, Finite Element Analysis, and Construction Management.
  • Railway Engineering: Covers aspects like rolling stock, power systems, railway asset management, civil works, and general engineering subjects.
2) Chemical Engineering Syllabus
Core Subjects:

Advanced Fluid dynamics:

  • Fundamental principles and equations of fluid dynamics.
  • Navier-Stokes equations and their solutions.
  • Turbulent flow and boundary layer theory.
  • Advanced topics in flow around objects and in pipes.

Advanced Mass Transfer:

  • Fundamentals of mass transfer operations.
  • Diffusion and convection mass transfer.
  • Multicomponent systems and stage-wise operations.
  • Distillation, absorption, and extraction processes.

Advanced Heat Transfer:

  • Conduction, convection, and radiation fundamentals.
  • Heat exchanger design and analysis.
  • Boiling and condensation processes.
  • Heat transfer in porous media and phase change.

Process Dynamics and Control:

  • Introduction to process control systems.
  • Mathematical modeling of processes.
  • Control system components and their dynamics.
  • Feedback and feedforward control strategies.

Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Chemical Engineering:

  • Linear algebra and differential equations in chemical engineering.
  • Numerical methods for solving engineering problems.
  • Optimization techniques and their applications in process design.
Elective Subjects:
  • Optimization Techniques in Process Design: Application of optimization principles in chemical process design, sensitivity analysis, and economic considerations.
  • Process Modelling and Simulation: Techniques for modeling chemical processes, simulation software, and case studies.
  • Industrial Pollution Control: Principles and techniques for controlling and managing industrial pollutants, waste treatment technologies.
  • Petroleum Refinery Engineering: Crude oil characterization, refining processes, product separation, and purification techniques.
  • Advanced Thermodynamics: Advanced concepts in thermodynamics, phase equilibria, and applications in chemical processes.
  • Multiphase Flow: Flow regimes, pressure drop calculations, and transport phenomena in multiphase systems.
3) Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Syllabus
Core Subjects:

Algorithm Design and Analysis:

  • Fundamentals of algorithmic design paradigms.
  • Analysis of algorithms for time and space complexities.
  • Graph algorithms, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, etc.

Foundations of Computing Science:

  • Introduction to computing models.
  • Theoretical foundations of computation.
  • Logic in computer science and formal languages.

High-Performance Computer Architecture:

  • Principles of parallel and distributed computing.
  • Architecture design for high-performance computing systems.
  • Memory hierarchy, interconnection networks, and scalability.

Computing Labs:

  • Computing Lab I: Practical implementations and exercises related to core subjects.
  • Computing Lab II: Advanced topics and project-based work.
Elective Subjects (Sample Selection):

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Machine learning algorithms, neural networks, natural language processing.
  • AI applications and ethical considerations.

Machine Learning:

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.
  • Deep learning architectures, reinforcement learning.

Data Warehousing and Data Mining:

  • Concepts of warehousing, ETL processes, and OLAP.
  • Data mining techniques, association rule mining, clustering, ification.

Advanced Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision:

  • Image enhancement, segmentation, and pattern recognition.
  • Object detection, tracking, and 3D vision.

Cryptography and Network Security:

  • Principles of cryptography, encryption algorithms.
  • Network security protocols, secure communication channels, intrusion detection.

Distributed Systems:

  • Principles of distributed computing, distributed algorithms.
  • System design, fault tolerance, consistency models.

VLSI System Design:

  • Basics of VLSI design, fabrication technologies.
  • Logic design, physical design, testing strategies.

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024 Seats

IIT Kharagpur provides MTech programs across a diverse range of specializations, each with a designated number of seats. Below is a representation of the seat distribution for various MTech courses at the institution:

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2024 Seats
CoursesSeats Allocated
MTech Computer Science and Engineering84
MTech Biotechnology29
MTech Biomedical Engineering20
MTech Microelectronics and VLSI Design54
MTech Earth System Science and Technology38
MTech Renewable Energy Technologies24
MTech Industrial Engineering and Management32
MTech Chemical Engineering93
MTech Instrumentation and Integrated Electronics22
MTech Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture25
MTech Aquaculture Engineering14
MTech Transportation Engineering25
MTech Manufacturing Science and Engineering32
MTech Materials Science and Engineering38
MTech Wireless Communications and Networks24
MTech Control System Engineering22
MTech Land and Water Resources Engineering22
MTech Agricultural Systems and Management24
MTech Exploration Geosciences29
MTech Thermal and Fluids Engineering41
MTech Functional Materials and Devices32

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Fee Structure 2024

The fee structure for the first semester of the MTech program at IIT Kharagpur encompasses various components such as tuition fees, one-time charges, insurance, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the detailed fee structure for the MTech program at IIT Kharagpur:

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission Fee Structure 2024
ParticularsAmount per Semester (INR)
Refundable (caution money for the 1st semester)INR 6,000
Mess Advance (per semester)INR 14,000
Insurance (annually)INR 2,500
Student brotherhood fund (annually)INR 200
Tuition fee (GEN/OBC/EWS)INR 5,000
Non-refundable (for the 1st semester only)INR 6,700
Placement service (for the 1st semester only)INR 1,500
Tuition Fee (SC/ST/PWD)
Hostel overhead (per semester)INR 880
Hostel Establishment Charge (per semester)INR 18,300

Note: The fee structure and amounts mentioned above are subject to periodic revisions. Additionally, the non-refundable fee includes a tuition component of INR 5,000.00 per semester, which is exempted for SC/ST/PwD category students.

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