UPPSC Optional Subject 2024

Post Name : UPPSC Optional Subject 2024
Post Date :  08 April, 2024
Post Description : UPPCS Optional Subject for the 2024 UPPSC Mains Exams has been removed by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC). The UPPSC mains exam syllabus has been changed by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) for the Combined State/Upper Subordinate Services exam. The two UPPSC Optional Subject papers have been removed from the mains exams.

UPPSC Optional Subjects Lists

Aspirants should practice with previous papers and mock exams, create a study strategy, and stay up-to-date on current events to succeed. The following is a list of optional subjects that must be selected for the Mains Exam.

UPPSC Optional Subjects Lists
Agriculture and Veterinary ScienceArabic Lit.Zoology
ChemistryHindi Lit.Statistics
Defence StudiesPersian Lit.Physics
ManagementSanskrit Lit.Mathematics
Political Science and International RelationsGeologyCommerce and Accountancy
HistoryCivil EngineeringPublic Administration
Social WorkMedical ScienceSociology
Agricultural EngineeringPhilosophyAnthropology
Mechanical EngineeringBotanyElectrical Engineering
LawEnglish Lit.Animal Husbandry
Urdu Literature

UPPSC Optional Subject PDF

The PSC exam pattern was modified by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC), starting with the UPPSC Prelims 2024. The UPPSC syllabus follows the revised format for the PSC exam. We will give candidates the most recent UPPSC syllabus and exam pattern for the Prelims and Mains of 2024 in this article.

UPPSC Optional Subjects Removed

The date of the UPPSC prelims exam has been announced. The exam is scheduled for March 17, 2024. There are 220 posts available, and applications will be accepted online through the UPPSC Exam 2024. Interested candidates can submit applications online between January 1 and February 2, 2024.

Recently, some changes were made to mains syllabus, namely, two optional papers were removed from the mains exam and two general awareness papers were added to the mains exam.

UPPSC Mains Syllabus And Exam Pattern

General Awareness V and VI in the UPPSC Mains syllabus were added instead of the UPPCS Optional Subjects. There are eight papers in the UPPSC mains syllabus, and they are all detailed.

UPPSC Mains Revised Exam Pattern

In the UPPSC main exam, which is a descriptive exam, applicants have to write standard essay-type answers in the answer booklet that the Commission provides. The mains exam pattern for the UPPSC is available to applicants here:

UPPSC Revised Exam Pattern
1General Hindi150
3General Studies I200
4General Studies II200
5General Studies III200
6General Studies IV200
7UPPCS Optional Subject – Paper 1 Uttar Pradesh Specific Paper-1200
8UPPCS Optional Subject – Paper 2 Uttar Pradesh Specific Paper-2200
Sub-Total (Written Test)1500
Personality Test (Viva-Voce)100
Grand Total1600

UPPCS Mains Revised Syllabus GS 

The focus of this study is the state’s historical folklore. It is the state’s basic general knowledge.

UPPCS Mains Revised Syllabus
Mains Syllabus GS V
  • History, Civilization, Culture, and Ancient Cities of UP.
  • Architecture, their significance and maintainability, museums, archives, and archaeology at UP.
  • Contributions of the UPin Pre and post-1857 freedom struggles of India.
  • Eminent freedom fighters and personalities of UP.
  • Rural, Urban, and Tribal Issues: Social Structure, Festivals, Fairs, Music, Folk Dances, Literature, Languages and languages/dialects, and Social Customs of UP.
  • Political System of UP: Governance, Governor, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers, State Assembly and State Council, Center-State Relation.
  • Public Service, Public Service Commission, Auditing, Advocate General, High Court
  • and its jurisdiction in UP.
  • Special State Selection Criteria, Official Language, Consolidated Fund and Contingency Fund, Political Parties, and State Election Commission of UP.
  • Local Self-Government: Urban and Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Right Issues in U.P. 10: Good Governance, Eradication of Corruption, Lokayukta, Citizen Charters, EGovernance, Right to Information, Redressal Policy.
  • Land Reforms and Their Impact in UP.
  • Issues Related to Security in UP. (i) Linkage between the development and spread of extremism. (ii) Role of external, state, and interstate actors in creating challenges to internal security through communication networks, media, and social networking sites. (iii) Basic rules of cyber security, money laundering, and its prevention. (iv) Various security forces and agencies and their mandates. (v) Security challenges and their management in border areas; linkage of organized crimes with terrorism.
  • Law and Order and Civil Defense in UP.
  • Medical and Health issues in UP
  • State Education System of UP.
  • Contribution of U-Pin Development in India.
  • Current Affairs at UP.
  • Implementation of the Jal Shakti Mission and another central welfare scheme in UP.
  • NGOs in UP: Issues, Contribution, and Impact.
  • Tourism in the U.S.: Issues and Prospects.
  • Emphasis on innovation in various fields in UP: issues and its impact on employment and the socio-economic development of society.

UPPCS Mains Revised Syllabus GS VI

Candidates can review the UPPSC mains syllabus for GS VI in the following table.

UPPCS Mains Revised Syllabus
Mains Syllabus GS VI
  • Overview of the Economy of UP: Main features of the economy and State Budgets, Infrastructure, and importance of Physical Resources
  • Trade, Commerce, and Industries of UP.
  • UP Government Schemes, Projects, and Planned Development for the Welfare of People, Human Resources, and Skill Development.
  • Investment in UPP: Issues and Impact
  • Public Finance and Fiscal Policy, Tax and Economic Reforms, and One District, One Product Policy of government.
  • Planning and management of renewable and non-renewable energy resources in UP.
  • Demography, Population, and Censuses of UP.
  • Commercialization of agriculture and production of crops in UP. 9—UP New Forest Policy.
  • Agro- and Social Forestry in U.P
  • Agricultural Diversity, Problems of Agriculture, and Their Solutions in UP.
  • Developmental indicators of U-Pin in various fields.
  • Geography of UP: Geographical Location, Relief, Structure, Climate, Irrigation, Minerals, Drainage System, and Vegetation.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in UP.
  • Transport Network in UP.
  • Power Resources, Infrastructure, and Industrial Development of UP.
  • Pollution and Environmental Issues in the U.P. Pollution Control Board and its functions.
  • Natural Resources of UP: Soil, Water, Air, Forests, Grasslands, and Wetlands.
  • Climate Change and Weather Forecasting Issues in UP.
  • Habitat and Ecosystem, Structure and Function, and Adjustment; Flora and Fauna Regarding UP. 21-Science and Technology: Its Issues, Advancements, and Efforts in U.P.
  • Aquaculture, Viticulture, Sericulture, Floriculture, Horticulture, and Arboric Culture in Up and Their Impact on the Development of UP.
  • The evolvement of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for the development of UP.


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