GLAET Syllabus 2024

Post Name : GLAET Syllabus 2024
Post Date :  16 April, 2024
Post Description : Ganeshi Lal Agarwal University has announced the GLAET Syllabus 2024 on the official website, Candidates aspiring for 2 year B.Ed exam can use the subject-wise GLAET syllabus PDF to prepare exam-relevant topics. The authorities have announced the GLAET Exam Pattern 2024 which can be checked to know about the subjects, marking scheme, and total duration for the exam. In this article, we have prescribed the subject wise GLAET Syllabus 2024 PDF

GLAET Syllabus 2024 Overview

On the official website, you may now download the GLAET Syllabus 2024. Applicants should bear in mind the marking scheme and exam pattern when they appear in the entrance exam for the two-year B.Ed program. Examine the table below to learn about the specifics of the GLEAT 2024 Exam.

GLAET Syllabus 2024 Overview
Exam Conducting BodyGaneshi Lal Agarwal University
GLAET Full FormGaneshi Lal Agarwal University Entrance Test
Name of the ExamGLAET 2024
Exam LevelPost Graduate Level
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Language of PaperEnglish
Number of Papers and Total Marks180 marks
Exam Duration60 minutes
Marking SchemeCorrect answer: 4 marks

Incorrect answer: -1 marks

Negative Marking-1 marks

GLAET Syllabus 2024 PDF

The Arts, Commerce, and Science subject groups’ GLAET syllabus PDF is now available. In order to be eligible for the written exam, candidates preparing for the GLAET 2024 Examination should download and review the required topics. Important subjects and questions pertinent to the specific stream or subject are included in the syllabus organized by subject. To obtain the PDF download links for each of the three subjects, go through the table.

SubjectGLAET Syllabus 2024
ArtsDownload PDF
CommerceDownload PDF
ScienceDownload PDF

GLAET Syllabus 2024 (Subject Wise)

GLAET Syllabus 2024 has been announced by the university for the 2-year B.Ed programme. The candidates preparing for the entrance examination should follow the subject-wise topics to prepare for the same. The GLAET 2024 exam is going to be held for different subjects, Arts, Commerce and Science. Know about the detailed subject-wise syllabus for the GLA Entrance Exam 2024 below.

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General Subjects Syllabus

SubjectGLAET Syllabus 2024
General AwarenessCurrent Events

Sports Played in India

History and Culture of India

Geography of India

Indian Economy

General Polity

Indian Constitution

Who is who of India

Current Affairs

Scientific Progress

National/International Awards

Indian Languages






Important Events

History of India



Eco-Economic Survey

Independence Movement

Salient Features of Indian Agriculture


Political System of Country

Community Development

Panchayati Raj

Five Year Plan

Art and Culture of Chhattisgarh

Important Events

General Happenings.

Aptitude TestAnalytical Aptitude

Ability to observe and distinguish patterns


Similarities and Differences

Space Visualization

Special Orientation

Visual Memory

Ratio and Proportion

Time and Work


Time and Distance




Profit and loss

Number System

Decimal and Fraction

Relation between Number

Arithmetical Operations

EnglishReading Comprehension


Cloze test





Sentence Completion

Paragraph Completion

Antonym and synonym

Grammatical Error based question

Subject Wise GLAET Syllabus

SubjectGLAET Syllabus 2024


Political Science







CommerceFocuses on business communication skills like report writing, email drafting, presentations, and business correspondence.

Covers grammar, vocabulary building (often industry-specific), and reading comprehension with a focus on business publications and reports.

Might introduce basic literary analysis and writing skills.

Accounting Principles and Concepts: Double-entry system, journalizing, ledger posting, trial balance preparation, rectification of errors.

The Accounting Equation: Assets, Liabilities, Capital, their relationship, and application in various transactions.

Subsidiary Books: Cash book, bank reconciliation statement, sales book, purchase book, bills of exchange.

Final Accounts: Trading account, profit and loss account, balance sheet, adjustments.

Nature and Purpose of Business: Types of business ownership (sole proprietorship, partnership, company), business functions (production, marketing, finance, human resource).

Forms of Business Organisation: Public and private companies, cooperatives, government enterprises.

Business Environment: Globalisation, social responsibility of business, business ethics.

Theory of Demand and Supply: Price determination, factors affecting demand and supply, market equilibrium.

Production and Cost Analysis: Production function, types of costs (fixed, variable, total), cost curves.

Market Structures: Perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, their features and implications.

Consumer Equilibrium and Behaviour: Utility theory, indifference curve analysis.

National Income and Related Concepts: GDP, GNP, market price vs. factor cost, methods of calculating national income.

Money and Banking: Functions of money, types of money, commercial banking system, credit creation.

Government Budget and Fiscal Policy: Components of government budget, types of fiscal policy tools.

Inflation: Causes and types of inflation, measures to control inflation.

Channels of Distribution: Wholesaling, retailing, e-commerce, supply chain management.

Principles of Insurance: Risk, uncertainty, types of insurance (life, fire, marine, etc.), concept of risk pooling.

Life Insurance: Types of life insurance policies, claim settlement procedures.

General Insurance: Fire insurance, theft insurance, marine insurance, and their features.

ScienceMeasurement: Units and dimensions, significant figures, errors in measurement.

Motion: Kinematics (uniform, non-uniform motion), projectile motion, laws of motion, work, power, energy.

Gravitation: Universal law of gravitation, Kepler’s laws, satellites, escape velocity.

Mechanics: Properties of matter, elasticity, fluids, Bernoulli’s principle.

Heat and Thermodynamics: Thermal expansion, calorimetry, change of state, specific heat capacity, laws of thermodynamics.

Oscillations and Waves: Simple harmonic motion, wave motion, sound waves.

Electrostatics: Electric charge, electric field, potential, capacitance, Gauss’s law.

Current Electricity: Electric current, circuits, Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, magnetic effects of current.

Basic Concepts: States of matter, atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonding (ionic, covalent).

Chemical Reactions: Stoichiometry, balancing equations, types of reactions (redox, precipitation, etc.).

Acids, Bases and Salts: Arrhenius theory, pH scale, indicators, salts and their hydrolysis.

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions: Redox reactions, balancing redox equations by various methods.

Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry: Nomenclature of organic compounds, functional groups (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids).

Equilibrium: Law of chemical equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s principle.

Thermodynamics: Enthalpy, entropy, free energy, spontaneity of reactions.

Algebra: Advanced topics like matrices, determinants, and complex numbers.

Calculus: Differentiation, integration, applications in solving scientific problems (optimization, rates of change).

Coordinate Geometry: Lines, circles, parabolas, hyperbolas, and their applications.

The Living World: Introduction to biology, diversity of life, ification of living organisms.

Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals: Cell structure and function, plant and animal tissues, organs and organ systems.

Plant Physiology: Processes like photosynthesis, respiration, transport in plants, reproduction.

Animal Physiology: Human digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, nervous system, reproductive system.

Genetics: Mendel’s laws of inheritance, chromosomes, DNA structure and replication, protein synthesis.

Ecology and Environment: Ecosystems, biodiversity, environmental issues, conservation.

GLAET Exam Pattern 2024

GLAET Exam Pattern 2024 will have a written examination followed by a counselling round. The candidates can refer to the section below to know about the details related to the exam pattern for the GLAET 2024 Exam.

  • The GLAET Exam 2024 is going to be held in the CBT (Computer Based Test)
  • The questions in the written examination will be MCQ (Multiple Choice Based)
  • The GLAET 2024 Exam will be held only in English mode
  • The total duration of the test is 60 minutes
  • The total marks for the test will be 180 marks.
SubjectTotal QuestionsTotal MarksDuration
General Awareness104060 minutes
Aptitude Test1040
Total4518060 minutes

GLAET Marking Scheme 2024

GLAET 2024 is going to be an online entrance examination and will have a distinct marking scheme. As per the GLAET Marking Scheme 2024, four marks will be awarded for the correct answer. Whereas, there will be a negative marking equal to 1 mark for the incorrect answers marked in the exam.

GLAET Marking Scheme 2024
Correct Answer4 marks
Incorrect Answer1 marks


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