GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024

Post Name : GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024
Post Date :  23 February , 2024
Post DescriptionThe applicants must be familiar with the GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024 in order to prepare effectively and perform well in the upcoming GATE Exam 2024. You can gain a thorough understanding of the topics that will be covered in the GATE Exam by consulting the GATE CE Syllabus 2024.

GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024: Overview

The GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024 has been officially released by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and is accessible online at Familiarizing oneself with the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus is essential for effective preparation for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Examination 2024. The syllabus is crucial as it outlines the subject-wise topics that will be covered in the examination.

GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus

Candidates must be familiar with the comprehensive GATE CE Syllabus 2024 PDF in order to ace their preparation to secure the highest marks. It will be easier to plan and strategize the preparation with the help of the GATE Civil Syllabus 2024 if you want to perform well on the forthcoming GATE Exam. Candidates can thoroughly understand and review the concepts using the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus to gear up their preparation. Here is a topic-wise overview of the GATE Syllabus 2024 for Civil Engineering to assist students who want to clear the examination with a high score. You must review the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus listed below and make your preparation effective.

GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024 For General Aptitude

The GATE 2024 Civil Engineering syllabus for General Aptitude evaluates aspirant’s verbal and numerical reasoning abilities. It tries to evaluate their ability to understand and apply written information, analyze , identify solutions, and draw logical conclusions, all of which are required for success in various technical fields.

GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus For General Aptitude
Verbal Aptitude
  • English grammar
  • Vocabularies
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Narrative sequencing
Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data interpretation
  • 2 & 3-dimensional plots
  • Maps & tables
  • Numerical computation & estimation that includes ratios, percentages, powers, exponents & logarithms
  • Permutations & combinations
  • Mensuration & geometry
  • Elementary statistics & probability
Analytical Aptitude
  • Logic: Deduction & induction Analogy
  • Numerical relations & reasoning
Spatial Aptitude
  • Transformation of shapes like translation, mirroring , rotation & scaling
  • Assembling & grouping
  • Paper folding, cutting, and patterns (2 & 3 dimensions)

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GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024 For Engineering Mathematics

Linear algebra, calculus, differential equations, complex variables, probability and statistics, numerical methods, and transform theory are the seven major topics covered in the engineering mathematics section of the GATE Civil Engineering syllabus 2024. These topics are further subdivided into respective subjects, as mentioned below:

GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus For Engineering Mathematics
Linear Algebra
  • Linear dependence and independence
  • Vector space
  • Matrix algebra, eigen values and eigen vectors
  • Solution of linear equations- existence and uniqueness
  • Rank .
  • Mean value theorems
  • Theorems of integral calculus
  • Evaluation of definite and improper integrals
  • Partial derivatives, maxima and minima
  • Multiple integrals, line, surface and volume integrals
  • Taylor series
Differential Equations
  • First order equations (linear and nonlinear)
  • Higher order linear differential equations
  • Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations
  • Methods of solution using variation of parameters
  • Complementary function and particular integral
  • Partial differential equations
  • Variable separable method
  • initial and boundary value problems
Vector Analysis
  • Vectors in plane and space
  • Vector operations
  • Gradient, divergence and curl
  • Gauss’s, Green’s and Stokes’ theorems.
Complex Analysis
  • Analytic functions
  • Cauchy’s integral theorem
  • Cauchy’s integral formula, sequences, series, convergence tests
  • Taylor and Laurent series, residue theorem.
Probability and Statistics
  • Mean, median, mode, standard deviation
  • Combinatorial probability
  • Probability distributions
  • Binomial distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Exponential distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Joint and conditional probability.

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GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus 2024 For Core Subjects

Candidates must be aware of the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus to prepare well for the examination. The table below contains the Civil Engineering GATE syllabus in a brief manner:

GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus For Core Subjects
Geotechnical Engineering
  • Soil Index Properties
  • Behavior of Sand & Clay
  • Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation
  • Seepage Analysis
  • Effect of Water Table on Soil
Structural Engineering
  • SFD & BMD
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Kinematic & Static Indeterminacy
  • Combined Stress
  • Moment Distribution Method
Water Resources Engineering
  • Hydrographs
  • Fluid Kinetics
  • Fluid Properties
  • Water Requirement for Crops
  • Turbulent Flow
  • Boundary Analysis
  • Open Channel Flow
Environmental Engineering
  • Noise Pollution
  • Sedimentation Tank
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  • Mixing of Pollutants from two streams
  • Trickling Filter
  • Hardness of Water
  • Activated Sludge Process
Transportation Engineering
  • Sigh distances
  • Cross-Sectional Elements
  • Types of Pavements and their Characteristics
  • Highway Capacity
  • Marshall Mix Design
  • Traffic Control Devices
Geomatics Engineering
  • Leveling
  • Traversing
  • Tacheometer
  • Error Measurement

GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus PDF

The direct link provided below allows candidates to download the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus PDF which was released by the IISc Bangalore. For the convenience of applicants, the GATE Civil Engineering Syllabus PDF includes a topic-wise outline of the syllabus for each section. Aspirants can plan and manage their preparation journey to achieve the desired marks and rank in the GATE Examination 2024 by being aware of the GATE Syllabus 2024. Candidates preparing for the GATE CE Paper should go through the detailed syllabus PDF that is provided below.

GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus PDF

GATE Civil Syllabus 2024 Subject Wise Weightage

Candidates must carefully review the information and modify their study schedule accordingly. The table below displays the GATE Civil Engineering syllabus Weightage –

GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Syllabus Weightage
SubjectsMarks Weightage
General Aptitude15%
Engineering Mathematics10.5%
Irrigation & Hydrology5.5%
Fluid Mechanics9%
Environmental Engineering9%
Structural Analysis4.5%
Geotechnical Engineering16%
Transportation Engineering9.5%
Geomatics Engineering6%
Steel Structures5%
Construction Materials & Management1%
Engineering Mechanics0.5%
Solid Mechanics3.5%

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GATE Civil Engineering Exam Pattern 2024

Before starting GATE 2024 preparation, aspirants should review the entire exam pattern. With the help of the exam pattern for GATE 2024, candidates may gain detailed information about the number of questions, duration, total marks, and much more for the GATE exam. In addition to understanding the GATE syllabus for CE, candidates must be familiar with the exam format. Here the detailed GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Exam Pattern is mentioned in a tabular manner:

GATE CE Exam Pattern 2024
Mode of ExamOnline
Number of Questions65
Duration of Exam3 hours
Pattern of Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Numerical Answer Type Questions (NAT)
Marking Scheme
  • For MCQ’s -Test Paper carries 1 mark and 2 marks for questions with 13 and 23 negative markings for incorrect answers respectively.
  • For NAT – No negative marking.
Number of Sections
  • Section 1- General Aptitude
  • Section 2 – Engineering Mathematics and Core Discipline Questions.
Topic wise weightage
  • General Aptitude – 15%
  • Engineering Mathematics – 15%
  • Core Discipline Questions – 70%

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