Merchant Navy Syllabus 2024

Post Name : Merchant Navy Syllabus 2024
Post Date :  30 April, 2024
Post Description :  Merchant Navy, renowned for its rigorous training and demanding roles, offers exceptional career opportunities both at sea and on land. From serving as officers and engineers to working as ratings, individuals in the Merchant Navy undergo specialized training to navigate various types of vessels efficiently. One of the crucial aspects of preparing for a career in the Merchant Navy is understanding the syllabus for the entrance examination, which serves as the gateway to this esteemed profession.

Merchant Navy Syllabus 2024 Overview

The Merchant Navy entrance examination, commonly known as the Common Entrance Exam (CET), assesses candidates on their proficiency in five key subjects: English, General Aptitude, Science, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. The syllabus for each subject is meticulously designed to align with the course structure and requirements of the Merchant Navy, ensuring that candidates possess the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen field.

OrganizationMerchant Navy
Post NameVarious
Application Start Date11th March 2024
Application Last Date30th April 2024
Selection ProcessWritten Test, Personal Counseling, Character Antecedent Verification, Medical Test
SalaryVaries based on the position
Date of ExamMay 2024
Result Date03 Days after the written exam

Merchant Navy Syllabus 2024 Subjectwise

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the syllabus for each subject included in the Merchant Navy entrance examination:

English: The English section of the Merchant Navy entrance examination evaluates candidates’ proficiency in language and comprehension skills. It encompasses various aspects of grammar, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions essential for effective communication at sea.

Parts of Speech
Synonyms and Antonyms
Meaning of words/phrases
Phrasal verbs

General Aptitude: General Aptitude forms a crucial component of the Merchant Navy entrance examination, assessing candidates’ reasoning ability, numerical aptitude, and problem-solving skills. This section tests candidates’ logical reasoning and mathematical proficiency, vital for maritime operations.

Critical Reasoning
Word Groups
Structural Analysis
Syllogism (Logic-based questions)
Fill in / Completion of series based on Pattern / Logic
Data Sufficiency
Data Interpretation
Pipes & Cisterns
Odd Man Out
Boat & Streams
Numerical Computation
Numerical Estimation
Time & Work
Time & Distance
Height & Distance

Quantitative Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude is a fundamental aspect of the Merchant Navy entrance examination, evaluating candidates’ mathematical acumen and numerical reasoning. This section encompasses topics ranging from arithmetic to algebra and geometry, essential for navigating complex maritime challenges.

Analytical Reasoning
Logic Reasoning
Fault Diagnosis
Abstract Reasoning
Mechanical Reasoning
Mixture & Allegation
Numerical Reasoning

Science: The Science section of the Merchant Navy entrance examination delves into fundamental scientific principles and their applications in maritime operations. It covers various topics such as physics, chemistry, and environmental science, providing candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the natural world.

Nature of Matter
Universe (Planets/ Earth/ Satellites/ Sun)
Electricity and its applications
Force and Gravitation
Newton’s Laws Of Motion
Work, Energy, and Power
Heat, Temperature, metals, and Non-Metals
Carbon and its Compounds
Measurements in Science
Sound & Wave Motion

Mathematics: Mathematics plays a pivotal role in the Merchant Navy entrance examination, assessing candidates’ proficiency in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. This section evaluates candidates’ mathematical aptitude, essential for solving real-world problems encountered in maritime operations.

Mathematical Simplification
Ratio and Proportion
Algebraic Identities
Linear Equations and Polynomials
Simultaneous Equations
Basic Trigonometry
Simple Mensuration
Measures of Central Tendency
Profit, Loss, and Percentage
Work, Time, Speed, and Distance

General Knowledge: General Knowledge forms an integral part of the Merchant Navy entrance examination, testing candidates’ awareness of diverse subjects ranging from geography and history to current affairs and sports. This section evaluates candidates’ general awareness and knowledge of the world around them, essential for a well-rounded maritime career.

Geography: Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland, Harbors
Culture and Religion
Freedom Movement
Important National Facts about India
Heritage, Arts, and Dance
History, Defense, Wars, and Neighbors
Awards and Authors
Discoveries, Diseases, and Nutrition
Current Affairs
Languages, Capitals, and Currencies
Common Names, Full Forms, and Abbreviations
Eminent Personalities
National: Bird/Animal/Sport/Flower/Anthem/Song/Flag/Monuments
Sports: Championships, Winners, Terms, Number of Players

Understanding the intricacies of the Merchant Navy syllabus is essential for aspirants looking to crack the entrance examination and embark on a fulfilling career journey in the maritime industry. By mastering the subjects outlined in the syllabus, candidates can equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic and challenging environment of the Merchant Navy.

Merchant Navy Exam Pattern 2024

In the initial phase of the Indian Merchant Navy Recruitment 2024 selection process, candidates will go through a written examination comprising 100 objective-type questions. Below are the essential details outlining the exam pattern:

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarksTotal Duration
Aptitude & Reasoning25252 hours (120 minutes)
Science Knowledge2525
General Awareness2525
English Knowledge2525


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